Project management and consultancy services

The project – an every human endeavor that has a clearly defined goal, which is performed in stages within a given time, with wide variety of limited available resources.

Project management is the planning, delegation, monitoring and controlling all aspects of the project, and the motivation of project participants in order to achieve the purpose of the project within the expected set quality objectives, anticipated benefits and risks.

All projects need some level of management. The larger the project, and more complex, the greater the need for a formal, standard, structured process.

When performing a construction project the following risks can occur:

  1. risk with the investor, the contract or the interpretation of certain parts of the contract
  2. risk of construction quality
  3. costs risk
  4. the risk of meeting the conditions of the contract and deadlines

The solution lies in an effort to minimize the above mentioned risks associated with construction product, to achieve the economic benefits of construction project, while our team of experts can guarantee that every project of our clients is finished in a professional and satisfactory manner for the client.

Construction project management we can offer to our clients:

  • Consulting the Investor in connection with the preparation of project documentation
  • Planning and monitoring the dynamics of the audit of the project
  • Economic data processing on project management
  • Coordination of all participants in the project implementation
  • Risk analysis of the expected costs and the scheduled time of project implementation
  • The audit plans of the project
  • Reporting on the status of the project
  • Making appropriate reports for the investor on the construction work related to the expenses, deadlines and quality of work performed within the weekly reports