Professional supervision of construction

The conduct of technical supervision of construction includes the performance of all operations governing the area of physical planning and construction, and is performed by a supervisory engineer.

In carrying out the technical supervision of construction the supervising engineer will do the following for the investor:

  • supervise construction so as to comply with the decision on building conditions, confirmed main project, that is building permit, the Act and special regulations,
  • determine whether the major project, regarding horizontal and vertical dimensions and building usage, is constructed in accordance with the decision on building conditions, that is site development permit,
  • determine whether staking out the building inspected by a person authorized to perform state survey and real estate cadastre under a special law,
  • determine whether the contractor requirements for performing construction activities are regulated by special law,
  • determine the implementation of control procedures in respect of conformity assessment, ie proving the quality of certain parts of the building by an authorized person,
  • without delay introduce the investor to all defects or irregularities that occure during the construction,
  • compile a final report on the building construction.