Our team

During our many years of work, we have encouraged teamwork and our focus was always put on our clients. This means that we pay special attention to teamwork and team building activities, which is mainly highlighted in business responsibilities and different development projects which are continuously implemented.

Sandra Sandrin Babić
Sandra Sandrin Babić-
Head of Office
Tihana Panižić Kusulja
Tihana Panižić Kusuljamag.iur.
Head of Public Procurement and Legal Affairs
Sanja Cenko
Sanja Cenkouniv.bacc.ing.aedif.
Road Design Engineer
Tina Janjiš
Tina Janjišdipl.ing.građ.
Hydrotechnical Design Engineer
Tino Krečak
Tino Krečakmag.ing.geod. et geoinf.
Survey Engineer
Ivana Čuljak
Ivana Čuljakmag. ing. geod. et geoinf.
Survey Engineer
Jelena Jurić
Jelena Jurićmag. ing. geod. et geoinf.
Survey Engineer
Ivan Vukoja
Ivan Vukojamag.ing. aedif.
Supervising Engineer
Tomislav Bakunić
Tomislav Bakunićmag.ing.aedif.
Supervising Engineer
Ivica Begić
Ivica Begićmag. ing. aedif.
Supervising Engineer
Domagoj Vušak
Domagoj Vušaking.građ.
Project Administrator
Goran Stašćik
Goran Stašćikmag.ing.aedif.
Supervising Engineer
David Valdgoni
David Valdgonimag.ing.aedif
Supervising Engineer
Goran Degač
Goran Degačmag.ing.aedif.
Supervising Engineer
Jozo Milić
Jozo Milićmag. ing. el.
Supervising electrical Engineer
Iva Derviš
Iva Dervišbacc. ing. aedif.
Associate Supervising Engineer
Vladimir Majer
Vladimir Majermag.ing.aedif.
Dragan Šekerija
Dragan Šekerijastruč.spec.ing.aedif.